In April, 2018, the Oregon Quilt Project will begin its final year of recording quilts.

In April, volunteer members will divide into two teams, with one group heading to Burns and Ontario, and the other going into to Hermiston, Athena, Enterprise and Union.  The full team will then recombine in Baker City and hold two days of documentation in Haines.  In all of these communities we will be joined by local volunteers who will work alongside us.  As has occurred during the previous five years of this project, we hope that by hands-on demonstrating of the documentation process,  local volunteers will feel confident enough to continue recording quilts beyond the end date of this project.

Here are the dates of documentation days, locations, and local contact person who will be taking appointments:

Lincoln County – Oregon Coastal Quilter Guild

April 14 Newport
May 12 Lincoln City
Sept. 15 Newport
Nov. 10 Newport
Contact is Twy Hoch 541-563-3899


Eastern Oregon

4/23 Hermiston Public Library 10-4 Contact is Jodi Hansen 541-567-2882

4/24 Athena Public Library  10-4 Contact is Dyann Swanson 541-566-3876

4/24 Harney County Museum 10-4 Contact is Jan Cupernall 541-573-6221

4/25 Enterprise at Joseph Arts & Cutural Center 10-4 Contact is Linda Koloski 541-398-8282 or Karolyne Doss 541-398-0721

4/25 Four Rivers Cultural Center 10-4 Contact is Lori Harrison 541-889-8191

4/26 Union at Little White Church 10-4 Contact is Earlene Lamb 541-926-7832

4/27 & 28 Haines At United Methodist Church 10-4 Contact is Mary Jane Guyer


Forest Grove

May 18, 10-4pm Contact is Kathy 503-357-5057


In 2017, with donations from individuals and quilts guilds, as well as a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission, we were able to hire two temporary, part-time data entry employees who put all of the documentation information into the Quilt Index at Michigan State University.  If you have had a quilt documented and signed a release form, you should now be able to view that record on-line.  Other volunteers are entering the photographs separately, so if your quilt history is viewable but you see the message “No photo available” it just means you need to be patient!  It takes almost another hour to reformat the photos and attach them to the written histories.  We now have more than 1400 quilts documented through this project on the Quilt Index!

Quilts are also being added to the Index from two other local documentation groups:  the Skip-a-Week Quilt Club near Estacada and the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild in Lincoln County.  Members from these two sites went through simple training, and then were “approved” by the Quilt Project to use the OQP portal to the Quilt Index.  For the next year, the OQP will be able to offer access to the Quilt Index to other groups.  If you start before the OQP officially ends in April, 2019, you can continue to add quilts indefinitely.  Please contact us if you are interested in a training session.