In early April, volunteers divided into two teams, with one group heading to Burns and Ontario, and the other driving to Hermiston, Athena, Enterprise and Union.  The full team then united in Baker City and conducted two days of documentation in Haines.  In five days we documented more than 200 quilts, whose histories and photos are now visible on the Quilt Index.  To put the number in perspective, we usually average 125 quilts per year; so we recorded two years’ worth of quilts in less than a week.  We were exhausted, but exhilarated!

Residents and quilt owners in all of the communities were welcoming and assisted with publicity, making appointments, and working with us at the documentation tables.  We also had underwriting for most of our lodging through local grants.  It was a rewarding trip: we saw many wonderful quilts and recorded the compelling stories that go with them.  We feel we made many new friends, as quilt makers always do when sharing information about their art and craft.  We were also well fed with homemade meals and snacks.

We know that the 1500 quilts that we have documented and placed on the Quilt Index are only a fraction of the thousands still held in museums and private ownership in Oregon.  But we hope that the local volunteers who joined our documentation teams feel that they can continue to record quilts in their communities, with a few reference books, OQP forms and volunteer time of their own.

As a further incentive, if you start a local documentation process and want to add your quilts (from your location) to the Quilt Index (even after our project ends) you have until March, 2019 to get started through our “portal” to the Index. After April, 2019, local documentation projects will have to pay the $3500 application fee to the Index, as the Oregon Quilt Project did.   Both the North Coast Quilt Guild and the Skip-a-Week Quilt Club in Estacada have been approved to use the OQP portal and volunteers in those communities are entering the data and photos they have collected.   Again, contact us through our email if you want more information about the Index.

The Project is heading into the final 8 months of documentation events, ending in April, 2019.  A final “regional” trip to Southern Oregon and the South Oregon coast has been planned for late October and a grant submitted to cover some expenses.  Communities will include Coos Bay, Brookings and Medford and appointment dates/contacts number will be posted here as soon as they are finalized.  We are also trying to schedule one-day documentations in the Portland metro area.  If you are elsewhere in the Willamette Valley or the North coast and want to help us plan an event in your community, please contact us through our website.

In the meantime, go on-line to the Quilt Index, Browse (in the blue bar at the top), select Oregon Quilt Project and start looking through the 1500 Oregon quilts posted there!


Here are the dates of documentation days, locations, and local contact person who will be taking appointments:



Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9

for appointments call:

Zeta at 541-549-6157